1. If a level was more about verticality, could the camera follow the frog path down until it reaches it final stop? (Like a tower maze that spirals down)
  2. the levels can be thought as mini dungeons from zelda games, where its about solving different type of puzzle with the same mechanics.
  3. Like prop hunt, some enemies could hide in the environment, think about camouflage, or some of them could hide between something funny like cardboard cactus or simply hiding behind a tree. (but since they are fat you can see them stick out a bit)
  4. Meowses cat and escort levels
  5. CHIBI pikachu and other Pokemon for characters art inspiration (also counting animal crossing)
  6. The ice frog can do different things, make enemies into snowman's, frozen the floor to make it slippery and frozen doors.
  7. If cats had helmets, how could that influence in gameplay?
  8. Rotating the camera (by hand or dolly) could require some type of energy regeneration, where you can rotate only if you need to get fast to a target, but the game will punish you by using one frog energy to do the move. So if you move 3 times you run out of frogs for a couple seconds and cant throw. making the player chose wisely when hes gonna do the fast rotation.
  9. This is a Weird idea, but listen carefully: The use of hidden messages and signs that appears when you rotate the level, either Easter eggs or an actual core game mechanic that shows you something important in the level.
    Hidden Arrows

Like these examples


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